What Works Clearinghouse

The WWC holds out a clear promise: Find research that scientifically evaluates the effectiveness of various interventions in education and base decisions on what works. In practice, it has proven much more difficult. I included a summary of the WWC reports and a case study of two programs in math.

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Value-added models

Like it or not, value added models seem to be coming, including for teacher evaluations. I have added a discussion of them here.

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What does the research say about charter schools?

Recent research reports showing mixed results from charter schools have led to charges on both sides of the charter school divide. Those opposed to charter schools charge that the research shows they have failed. Those supporting them say the research shows they have promise but too many are not doing well. I summarize two of the reports here. Also a recently added a supplement describing how to use the NAEP tool to evaluate charter school performance.

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