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Whatever happened to?

I was doing a search on the Journal Sentinel archives this week and I was reminded again just how big a deal the Neighborhood Schools Initiative was when it was adopted. Article after article discussed how Milwaukee Public Schools would … Continue reading

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Agenda focused research

One question I have in looking at education research reports is the motivation of the researchers. Were they interested in whether a particular intervention had an effect on student achievement or in showing that it did? An argument can be … Continue reading

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A code of ethics for think tanks?

There are certainly a number of careful, ethical think tanks who produce thoughtful, useful reports. But in recent years, there has been an explosion of junk think tanks whose purpose seems to produce reports solely to justify previously determined positions. … Continue reading

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Three Things Society Could Do for Schools

In a previous post, I listed ten things that I would recommend school districts serving large numbers of low-income kids should consider. But what changes should we be advocating in society that would add to student success? Here I propose … Continue reading

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