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Submitting an Article

We welcome submissions in any of the areas discussed here. If you are contemplating preparing an article and are not sure whether it would fit the Third Group Education Review, we encourage you to send an e-mail describing your ideas.

If the article is already written, please send it as an e-mail attachment in Word, WordPerfect, or pdf format. Please remove any information from the manuscript that identifies you as the author, since it will be reviewed anonymously.

The editor will review the submission both to make sure it fits into the journal's scope and to see whether there are obvious improvements or clarifications that can be made before sending it to reviewers. If the article fits the needs of the Review, the editor will solicit interest from potential reviewers.

Third Education Group Review does not require the use of any particular style guide but it is important that you consistently use one of them (APA, Chicago, etc.). It is easy for a reader to understand articles written using the various style guides, but not easy if no guide is used resulting in unclear documentation or other problems.

The need to make it as easy as possible for the reader to understand cannot be overstressed. We second the point made in the APA guide that the active voice is generally better than the passive voice. In particular, we like their encouragement of the first person when authors are describing their own actions.

Authors submitting articles do so with the understanding that the article is not being considered for publication in another journal. Other submissions or partial publication of portions of the article should be disclosed to the editor at the time of submission (for a fuller discussion of the ethics of publication, including duplicate publication, see the APA style manual or this article).

Generally copyright is retained by the first or sole author, who grants right of first publication to the Third Education Group Review. Permission is granted to distribute this article for nonprofit, educational purposes if it is copied in its entirety and the journal is credited.

Articles published in Third Education Group Review are automatically indexed in the ERIC database established by the US Department of Education. ERIC also displays a full-text version of these articles.